Freitag, 8. Januar 2016

Animus - A Dead Life (indie, 1992)

Some say this ultra-obscure cd from Australia is limited to 100 copies. I have no idea if that's true, all I know is that I never saw this cd in the last few years except once, $1299 buy it now on eBay. Ended early, supposedly for a high three range sum. There aren't any sound samples on the net (about time I upload some) and practically any infos about band or this demo release. On metal-archives it's listed as power/thrash metal, but this cd isn't exactly that easy to categorize.

It definitely is far from your average Aussie metal. Some blastbeats (yes, blastbeats!) here, some death grunts there, then a power metal ballad. At first sight this seems pretty randomly thrown together, but .. although not very memorable or outstanding, this four song-demo is quite enjoyable and a nice, obscure but also expensive (if you'll find it at all) addition to the completists' thrash metal collection.

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