Samstag, 28. November 2015

Mottek - Fatal Violence (Sucker Records, 1990)

Wow, after eight years and two full-length albums playing a blend of hardcore and punk a small German band Mottek decided to hop on the already leaving thrash train. In 1990 they dropped Fatal Violence, a literally violent mix of US-style thrash à la Metallica or Exodus and Teutonic vocals not unlike Kreator or Protector. Here and there they pour in some great acoustic parts that remind me strongly of Cyclone Temple's masterpiece I Hate Therefore I Am. Unfortunately the support and distribution from their label Sucker Records (which I failed to find any informations or other releases on) wasn't the best or thrash wasn't really their thing, however they broke up shortly after Fatal Violence somewhere around 90/91.

Like already mentioned, Fatal Violence was released on the tiny German label Sucker Records. In 1990 they probably sold around 2000 copies and gained somehow a cult status in underground thrash circles. Nowadays most die hard-collectors either have it or haunt it. Best example might be the yetisued-auction on eBay ending for 811$!

Freitag, 27. November 2015

Overthrow - Within Suffering (Epidemic, 1990)

Overthrow might be Canada's most promising answer to Devastation, Demolition Hammer or Morbid Saint. What they are unleashing on us with their debut Within Suffering is unbelievable. Face-melting riffs played at neck-breaking speed with a precision like a Swiss chronometer. It's a shame that these guys only released one album. When people say Tortured Existence is the heaviest thrash album of 1990, then they're wrong. This one takes the torch. Go find me another 31 minutes that are this entertaining .. good luck!

In recent years there was a reissue of this forgotten gem, the original on Epidemic Records got very rare and expensive over the years. I was lucky enough to get this one in a trade in almost perfect shape, admire it below.

Donnerstag, 26. November 2015

Hazael - Thor (Loud Out Records, 1994)

Don't judge a book by it's cover, never! Best example might be this right here. The cover looks like a shitty.. fantasy metal or something, made available online only because the band couldn't find a record deal. This however, is great and grim death metal from one of Poland's finest, sadly also most overlooked metal bands, Hazael. Sure, they didn't reinvent the wheel with Thor and also came two or three years too late, hence the break-up in 1996, but this debut is entertaining, fresh and memorable. They even got a bit of a Swedish touch and got that awesome buzzsaw guitars that made bands like Entombed and Dismember famous.

The original cd was released on the small Polish Loud Out label, only limited to 500 copies. Same goes for Ghost, another forgotten Polish death metal band. I am searching that one as well, but it's a real fucker to come by for a reasonable price. At least I got this treasure here.

Dienstag, 24. November 2015

Tyrant Trooper - Insane Sickness (indie, 1995)

Like almost every music genre, death metal had an expiration date in the 90s. In 1995 when Insane Sickness came out the metal landscape was infested with groove and nu metal, mostly thanks to Metallica and Pantera. However, what Tyrant Trooper from Connecticut offers on their only full-length is unbelievably good. When they started out in 1987 they played a blend of thrash/speed metal until around 1993. You see they always came a bit too late in the game, but that doesn't make Insane Sickness any worse. From the awesome artwork to the riffs to the instrumentation overall, everything is pure US death metal without mercy. The only thing I could criticize is the length of the songs, with the longest one clocking in at almost eight minutes. But hey, skipping wasn't invented for nothing (not every song of course).

Insane Sickness was self-financed by the band, only a thousand copies were made. Most of them are in safe collector's hands, others are offered on eBay for ridiculous prices. If that doesn't stop you, go ahead and get it!

Montag, 23. November 2015

Blackend - Unknown World (Local Hero Music, 1994)

Unknown World is a very fitting title for this mcd - because that's exactly what Blackend from Sweden is, completely unknown. This slimcase (urgh, I hate slimcases .. my copy is new but the case is fucked but I can't replace it, because these slimcases aren't available anywhere) was released in 1994 when thrash metal was practically dead and shortly after this band vanished again. Presented here is solid thrash. However, there's not more than three songs, which only can hint the capabilities of the band. It surely would have been interesting to see this band evolve on a debut, anyway.

This is their only release and more or less everything that can be found about them anywhere. I haven't seen this mcd too often on the net and I have no idea in which quantities this was pressed. But .. I looked up the roster from this Local Hero Music which I never heard of - they seemed to just sign anything they could - electronic, pop, garage rock - and thrash!

Burial - Relinquished Souls (West Virginia, 1993)

In the thanks list of this booklet it is written 'DEATH and MASSACRE for the godly inspiration' - wow, Burial from the Netherlands were honest, and they wrote a little death metal masterpiece with Relinquished Souls. It's like the record after From Beyond that Massacre never wrote. Everything from vocals to the guitars and the drumming screams US death metal, and it's done fuckin' well! Unfortunately Relinquished Souls remained their only release after the defunction of their label West Virginia Records,

Despite the fact that this album saw a re-release not too long ago the original press on West Virginia still fetches unbelievable prices on the internet. (600+ $ from the banana guy) My copy here is in great shape except the punch hole in the booklet which bothers me everytime I look at it, damn! Oh well, maybe one day I'll get a flawless copy for a good price .. maybe.

Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Caustic - Malicious (MMP Records, 1993)

First bands that come to mind when talking about thrash metal from my lovely home Switzerland has to be Coroner or Messiah. There were more bands, more obscure, but nonetheless great examples of metal done right. One example is Caustic. They formed around 1991 and released a first EP a year after. In 1993, they released their first full-length Malicious, a merciless mix of thrash and death metal with influences ranging from Slayer, Kreator to early Sepultura. I love this record! The vox are very similar to Tom Araya, not necessarily a bad thing, and there's even a little charm when hearing that Caustic hails from Switzerland (the singer has a little accent ..)

This record is hyper-rare and very expensive nowadays, released in only 500 copies on the small Swiss label MMP Recordings. Not even the band itself has copies of it anymore. And at last, an advice to you: instead of searching years and then spending a small fortune for it - you should get the recent official reissue on Dark Symphonies. Get it here.

Requiem - Earthquake (Oxymoron Records, 1991)

Requiem from Washington are not really getting an award for originality when it comes to their bandname, however their one and only release from 1991 serves some indie goodness and surprises with clean production and refreshing ideas. The sound overall is in the vein of Stygian or Dark Angel, very fast forward presented thrash.

I have no idea in which quantities this indie CD was pressed, certainly not too many, and I didn't stumble upon a single copy on the internet in a long time. I managed to fetch a copy from discogs but as you can see in the pictures it's not in perfect shape. But if you should see this one anywhere, don't hesitate to get it.