Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2015

Sarcasm - In-Sect (indie, 1993)

Sarcasm is another Swiss thrash band that everyone forgot pretty fast - or never even knew. Because In-Sect was their only release and this mini-cd is limited to 300 pieces for promotional issues only. The cover artwork is pretty badass I have to say, however the music delivered here is pretty generic thrash. It's mostly mid-paced thrash with hardcore influenced grunts and gang shouts. The riffs don't really stick out and the songs in general aren't very memorable either. The vocals somehow remind me of early Sepultura, and the riffwork could be compared to 'Product of Society'-era Defiance, however Sarcasm never build up a quality sound nearly as good as the two mentioned bands.

For completists and collectors this might be a nice addition to the collection. However, with it's limitation to only 300 copies In-Sect is pretty hard to come by. In recent times this fetched quite high prices (for example around 380$ on discogs! Whoever paid that price ..) If you wanna take a listen to it, there's a song sample on youtube.

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