Freitag, 11. Dezember 2015

Mass Confusion - Confusion Intrusion (Sidesplitter Records, 1990)

Yes, yes, YES! Finally could I get my hands on another copy of this Aussie thrash gem. It was about six years ago, when I stumbled across this CD on a local auction site for peanuts. I paid like 15$, imagine! However, I was dumb enough to sell it two years later for a fair price. I regretted it immediately. So the search for a copy in good shape and for a good price began.. and it lasted until very recently when I found it again. Man, was it a great feeling to unpack the parcel and listen to this forgotten classic again. These are 11 tracks of fast, fun thrash metal in the vein of Nuclear Assault and vocals similar to Vio-Lence or Anthrax. For a indie release this obscure it is very good and memorable, and the ending track 'Bowel Growl' could as well be the most hilarious fart-song ever written.

A big reason why my search lasted so long was the strict limitation of 1000 copies - half of them are cds only, and the other 500 copies are complete with inserts. So you could say it's limited to 500 pieces because who wants a cd only .. It also took me so long because everytime it popped up on auction sites, it was sold for ridiculous prices in the 300$-range. The price I paid was also very high for my standards, but it was definitely worth it. And who knows how long it would have took me to find it again.

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