Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2015

Assorted Heap - The Experience Of Horror (1MF Recordz, 1991)

Teutonic thrash back in the day wasn't just Kreator or Destruction but a well built little scene in the background that had just a bit of bad luck to be on the wrong labels (for example 1MF, which means 'one more flop', imagine!), or simply came to late to have an impact on the thrash movement really. I'd say Assorted Heap fall in the former category. While not even too unsuccessful with their debut The Experience of Horror, selling around 3000 copies, the label simply was a mess from what I heard (not paying the artist, horrible distribution, they even wrote the band name wrong, for fuck's sake! just look on the picture with the spine ..).

It's really a shame because Assorted Heap did a beautiful job on their debut full-length. Gorgeous death-thrash with strange solos, violent grunts from singer Didier (they all got funny names like Klause and Bänks, ..) and riffs that satisfy your needs completely! Very worth checking out is also their second effort Mindwaves from 1992, they even got a futuristic touch on that one. Unique!

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