Freitag, 18. Dezember 2015

Capharnaüm - Capharnaüm (Kill Riff, 1993)

France was never really known for having a great metal scene (okay, maybe black metal) and that wasn't really different back in the day. So Capharnaüm from France is already kind of a band of its own. This trio as it was in 1993 plays thrash metal, the very generic kind. The sound is very thin, but that's kind of understandable with only one guitar and one bass guitar. However, what makes them drown in the sea of early 90s-thrash metal is obviously the lack of ideas. Their sound overall isn't memorable at all and you seem to have heard everything they're playing somewhere else already.

What's still impressing is that such small bands put that much effort in their music and band that they release a full-length that is still after all these years a quite sought-after thrash metal cd. Even if the sound isn't the best this self-released debut has its own charme for what it is. It has a cool cover artwork and several songs that shows the band trying their best. On my copy there is even a dedication from a band member to the former owner of the cd (don't know yet if that bothers me or not). The cd was limited to 600 pieces but pops up from time to time. If you're a completist or just out for a obscure, forgotten thrash metal record, this isn't the worst you can get.

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