Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2015

Legia - Legia (indie, 1993)

Sweden is pretty well known for their metal scene back in the day and even nowadays. The death metal scene is legendary, when it comes to thrash however, most people shake their heads. Even I struggle when I should name a few Swedish examples of thrash metal immediately. If you dig deeper then there seemed to be a quite nice little scene in the underground. Rosicrucian, Epitaph or Physichal Attraction just to name a few. And obviously there were more, even some I never heard of until recently. Legia is one of them. They formed in 1990 and released two demos before their self-titled debut in 1993. I have to say it is very good for a possibly very small and private release. It's far more memorable than most of the obscured private thrash releases from the 90s. It's intelligent and fast Bay Area-influenced with Hetfield-vocals.

Until a year I had no idea this band existed until I saw this cd on a picture on a forum. A guy uploaded a song on youtube and it was pretty nice Metallica-influenced thrash. So the hunt began, and it went on until very recently when I managed to fetch a copy for a very fair price from a guy on discogs.

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