Freitag, 27. November 2015

Overthrow - Within Suffering (Epidemic, 1990)

Overthrow might be Canada's most promising answer to Devastation, Demolition Hammer or Morbid Saint. What they are unleashing on us with their debut Within Suffering is unbelievable. Face-melting riffs played at neck-breaking speed with a precision like a Swiss chronometer. It's a shame that these guys only released one album. When people say Tortured Existence is the heaviest thrash album of 1990, then they're wrong. This one takes the torch. Go find me another 31 minutes that are this entertaining .. good luck!

In recent years there was a reissue of this forgotten gem, the original on Epidemic Records got very rare and expensive over the years. I was lucky enough to get this one in a trade in almost perfect shape, admire it below.

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