Montag, 23. November 2015

Blackend - Unknown World (Local Hero Music, 1994)

Unknown World is a very fitting title for this mcd - because that's exactly what Blackend from Sweden is, completely unknown. This slimcase (urgh, I hate slimcases .. my copy is new but the case is fucked but I can't replace it, because these slimcases aren't available anywhere) was released in 1994 when thrash metal was practically dead and shortly after this band vanished again. Presented here is solid thrash. However, there's not more than three songs, which only can hint the capabilities of the band. It surely would have been interesting to see this band evolve on a debut, anyway.

This is their only release and more or less everything that can be found about them anywhere. I haven't seen this mcd too often on the net and I have no idea in which quantities this was pressed. But .. I looked up the roster from this Local Hero Music which I never heard of - they seemed to just sign anything they could - electronic, pop, garage rock - and thrash!

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