Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2016

Intoxicate - Silent Killing (indie, 1994)

About damn fucking time that I post something new in here. But hey, summer was here and I was busy blastin' Journey and Fleetwood Mac at the lake. Haha! Uhm yeah, Intoxicate is a pretty unknown band from Switzerland. This is their first release of five in total, and surely the one to hunt as it's the only one with decent tunes on.

As most of these unknown Swiss thrash CDs, also Intoxicate's Silent Killing is hard to come by, even in the country of cheese and 24/7 snow. I was lucky to track it down, offered on a small auction site here in Switzerland, sitting lonely between common and normal CDs like Dismember or Pestilence (not talking 'bout the sound on these, only the rarity). If you're looking around the net, you still can find some of these 'lucky hits'. If I don't fall asleep, I'll post another of these lucky finds right after.

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